is the home of high end, high quality hooks & Instrumentals . professionally mix and master through some of the most sought after equipment in the world. We offer Leasing and Exclusives rights to our 100% original songs and instrumentals at an unbelievable price for performance. Not only do we work with Grammy Nominated Singers - Songwriters on occasion with work with high end mastering facilitates So that there's Finally Quality You Deserve !!

About Solo

TheSololife(Solo) Is a California-based music producer and the owner of Who has over 10 years of experience in music production and Songwriting duties. He offers 100% Custom premade songs & Instrumentals that are, specifically catered to the top 100 billboard charts list. Specializing in but not limited to Hip-hop and Pop, as well as being independent. Allows for the first time a high-end studio sound at just a fraction of the cost.

"Although we're not the cheapest I try to offer very flexible pricing options ranging from instrumental leasing to exclusives. I'm here to set a new standard in price vs performance period!" - Solo


  • Major Music Artist - Independent Artist - services
  • Major Record Companies - Independent Labels - services
  • Instrumental Lease and Exclusives rights ownership (50/50)
  • Premade Songs and Hooks

Our services are perfect for any developing artist looking for a new sound as well as their own! Record Companies ,Labels and artist can finally have some peace of mind due to Solo's relentless consistency to deliver high quality radio ready records !! - Finally There's Quality You Deserve

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